You can bring Nikki to your special event, workshop, or conference!

Nikki is available to speak to any size audience and uses evidence-based information and fun, interactive techniques.  Topics can be geared toward new and expecting parents, childbirth educators, doulas, nurses, midwives, and more.    Speaking available in the US and internationally.  Current topics offered:

Spa Essentials

NEW! The Science and Pseudoscience of Aromatherapy

Explore the science of olfaction, the mechanics of essential oils and their use in labor.  Get ready to myth-bust! Learn and unlearn much of what we thought we knew about the world of aromatherapy.

Comforting Hands

Creating the Future of Childbirth Education 

Girl Relaxing

All About the Breathing

Research, Routine, and Reality

How do YOU teach about breathing in labor? Enjoy lively discussion, an evidence-based refresher on the physiology of diaphragmatic breathing, and learn new ways to teach breathing to expectant parents.

Gay Couple with Daughter

Whole Family Support Groups:  Changing the Family Dynamic after Childbirth

Baby with Stethoscope

Tap into your Passion:

Nurses and Labor Support

Do you love your job, have little time, and want to better support unmedicated labors?  Actively learn with others about realistic ways to empower families during childbirth.

Woman with Headphones